Honoring the Accomplished: CCDFA Certificate Awardees

We extend our warmest congratulations and heartfelt commendations to our esteemed friends and colleagues who have exhibited exceptional dedication, skill, and determination by successfully passing the CCDFA Exam. We celebrate their achievement in earning the prestigious CCDFA Certificate, a testament to their profound knowledge and unwavering commitment in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).

Each individual listed below has demonstrated exemplary prowess and a deep understanding of investigating Windows Systems, showing great promise in contributing significantly to our collective goals and the broader community. We hold immense respect and admiration for their relentless pursuit of excellence and knowledge.

  1. Matthew Silva - BasisTech
  2. Dean Boyer - Metadata Forensics LLC
  3. Kevin Pagano - Stark 4N6
  4. Tom Claflin - The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
  5. Bandr Alkhuzaie - Private
  6. Lizl Labuschagne - DFIRLABS
  7. Amr Ashraf - Cyber 5W
  8. Hasan Hashim - Hashim Tech
  9. Your Name Here - Affiliation

We feel immense pride in acknowledging the achievements of our honorable friends and extend our best wishes for their future endeavors. May this accomplishment be a stepping stone to further success, and may they continue to inspire others with their passion, diligence, and commitment. Congratulations to all the recipients of the CCDFA Certificate. Your accomplishment is truly deserving of high praise and recognition.

CCDFA Examination Committee

Ali Hadi | Jessica Hyde